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Venice Marathon 2022: Solomon Mutai, beats the record

Verantwortlicher Autor: Mario Bonesi Italy-Venice, 28.10.2022, 23:10 Uhr
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podium top Runners
podium top Runners  Bild: Mario Bonesi

Italy-Venice [ENA] Solomon Mutai, wins the 36th edition of the Venice Marathon and breaks the record. In second place the Kenyan Emmanuel Naibei, the Ethiopian Tefese Abebe close the podium. First of the Italians Khalid Jbari, of the Athletic Club 96 of Bolzano, who finished in ninth place. For women, Lucy Karimi wins

To complete an all-Kenyan trio, in second plac for Rebecca Chesir, third Caroline Jebet. Before the Italians Paola Salvatori, of the US Roma 83. What ended on Sunday 23 October at Riva Sette Martiri was the edition of the records. With the inclusion of the new half marathon, the event this year saw three starts (Stra, Mestre and Parco San Giuliano). The large audience applauded and encouraged the marathon runners (over 15,000) who created a long and spectacular colored snake that involved the entire territory of the metropolitan city of Venice and in recent weeks, with the five stages of the Ali Family Run, involved 17,000 students and families.

Ma soprattutto è stata l'edizione del record di gara maschile, 2 ore, 8 minuti e 10 secondi, record stabilito dall'ugandese Solomon Mutai, che ha "piattato" il precedente record di 2 ore, 8 minuti e 13 secondi, ottenuto nel 2009 dal keniano John Komen. All'arrivo anche il sindaco di Venezia Luigi Brugnaro ha accolto i top runners. Il sindaco della città lagunare ha voluto premiare e congratularsi con i primi 3 uomini arrivati e le prime 3 donne classificate. La premiazione si è svolta accanto all'area riservata alla stampa.

Many voluntary associations that have run the marathon for charity and have distinguished themselves for strength and courage. Among the "special" participants also Sammy Basso, the 27-year-old from Tezze sul Brenta - Vicenza, suffering from progeria birth, who ran the entire Venice Marathon together with the "Sammy Runners". Sammy and his friends who pushed him to the finish took 4 hours and 47 minutes. '

Venice marathon 2022 Top Runners Womans

Note of merit also for Federico Rossi, the 28-year-old Paralympic from Schio - Vicenza, fresh from the extraordinary feat of having reached the Stelvio in a wheelchair, arrived at the finish line of Riva Sette Martiri very tired but happy. "I love this race, I love this city and its audience and once again I got a tear as soon as we entered the lagoon," said Federico on arrival.

The 2022 edition of the VeniceMarathon "was organized by" VeniceMarathon "and realized with the support of the Municipalities of Venice, Dolo, Mira, Stra and Fiesso d’Artico. Also decisive this year, the contribution of the Veneto Region, of the Metropolitan City of Venice. of the Prefecture, and other organizations that continuously contribute decisively to the success of the event.

Venice Marathon 2022 gruppo LILT - Venice

Thus the head of VeniceMarathon Piero Rosa Salva: "In 36 editions, I must confess that this was the most spectacular ever, from every point of view: the numbers of entries, the men's race record, the large number of people present along the route , the splendid images transmitted by Rai Italia, all over the world and the great bet won by the new half marathon. The 2022 edition writes a new and important page in the history of this marathon. I thank all those who made this extraordinary result possible”. The next edition of the Venice Marathon will take place on Sunday 22 October 2023. In the movie of "GidiferroTeam" (in Italian) the departure of the marathon runners and the arrival in Venice. Link:

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