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Rome Piazza di Siena 2019

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Rome [ENA] Fourteen nations are riding for glory in Piazza di Siena in Rome at the end of this meteorologicalliy crazy May 2019: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Israel (for the first time in Rome competition), Sweden , Switzerland and Italy and individual riders from Taiwan, Australia, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and the United States. There are three Olympic Champions riding in Rome.

Most of theleading riders in the FEI Ranking are present in Rome: Steve Guerdat from Switzerland, Jeroem Dubbeldam from the Netherlands, Scott Brash, Ben Maher, France's Kevin Staut. Piazza di Siena is a fantastic show with an important history. The atmosphere is posh and friendly and Roman sunshine complete the picture of the event. Beauty, tradition and Italian excellence give moments of unforgettable enthusiasm. Piazza di Siena is considered the pride of the equestrian world and the world of sport. The splendid location was created by Prince Marcantonio IV Borghese in 18th century and in 1929 the site became the reference scenario of the international horse show.

And after all four imaginative days of show jumping.The equestrian event is increasingly becoming one of the most important international show jumping venues in the world and Rome is proud to host tis year the 87th Official International Horse Show (CSIO).On 24th of May Sweden won Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup, in which there were 250,000 Euros up for grabs along with the honour and glory of winning one of the most prestigious and historic team events on the international circuit. Sweden posted their second victory in the history of Nations Cup at CSIO Rome.The single double-clear of the entire competition came from Henrik von Eckermann and his brilliant mare, Toveks May Lou, as they topped the leaderboard with a final score of eight faults.

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