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The security situation in and around Ukraine

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 18.04.2021, 20:48 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] On 17 April 2021 OSCE Chairperson-in-Office and Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde, and OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid have discussed the security situation in and around Ukraine and call for de-escalation. Chairperson-in-Office Linde has discussed the situation also with the Foreign Ministers of both Ukraine and the Russian Federation in the last weeks. On 10 April, the Swedish OSCE Chairpersonship

convened a meeting following Ukraine’s request under Vienna Document Chapter III on risk reduction measures. On 14 April, following Ukraine’s request to invoke paragraph 16.3 of Vienna Document Chapter III, the Chair, together with the Armenian Chair of the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation (FSC), held a special joint FSC and OSCE Permanent Council (PC) meeting. Linde restated during the conversation with Schmid that Sweden will continue to fulfil its mandate as Chair to contribute to de-escalation and conflict prevention, in accordance with OSCE principles and commitments.

“The Secretary General and I have had a fruitful discussion on the concern we share regarding heightened tensions in and around Ukraine. We underlined that participating States should act in accordance with the Vienna Document, which is a key element of our common security and an important confidence building tool to reduce military risks adopted by all participating States”, Chairperson-in-Office Linde said after the call. Secretary General Schmid said, “I join the Chair’s call to refrain from further escalation and to engage in good faith with the mechanisms in the OSCE’s comprehensive toolbox, which can be effectively used to de-escalate the situation and to move back to the path of co-operation and dialogue.”

Linde and Schmid also noted with concern the increased level of ceasefire violations recently observed along the contact line by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM). They agreed on the necessity of an immediate full adherence to the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. “I am deeply concerned by recent incidents affecting the SMM, notably heavy interference with its technical assets and persistent freedom of movement restrictions. The SMM’s safe and secure access throughout Ukraine is more important than ever in the current circumstances of heightened tensions in the region,” the Secretary General noted.

“In the light of recent developments, it is all the more important that the SMM is allowed to monitor the security situation without restrictions in order to implement its mandate to contribute to reducing tensions and fostering peace, security and stability in Ukraine”, Linde said after the conversation. Minister Linde and Secretary General Schmid also discussed recent concerning reports of restrictions on access to parts of the Black Sea and expressed their readiness to support contacts to help resolve the concerns raised in accordance with international law. In the meantime Russia is massing its troops on the border.

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