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The choice in Saxony - Anhalt late harvest 9. june 2021

Verantwortlicher Autor: Uwe Hildebrandt Göttingen, 09.06.2021, 07:58 Uhr
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The choice
The choice  Bild: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Göttingen [ENA] It happened: The last state election before the big state drama Bundestag election is over, as expected, the CDU is ahead by a nose. Naturally. All other claims and declarations that the A.. could become the strongest force in Saxony-Anhalt were of course only put forward by politicians.

From the old parties in order to stir up fear among the citizens. But first of all the election results and the comparison to the election 5 years ago. You can find the statistics in the graphic on the right. We see the CDU with the greatest gains and a share of the votes of around 362,000 citizens, in second place the A.. with a slight loss with around 232,000 votes of the citizens. Despite this clear vote of the citizens, and this time, contrary to the last federal election, there can be no question of protest voters, the CDU and also very clearly Mr. Haseloff refused to even think about holding any talks with the A.., a coalition can be ruled out entirely.

The choice

In doing so, he fails to recognize that the A.. represents over a fifth of the total electorate and that it has little to do with democracy if he simply does not want to represent the interests of the citizens, because nothing more than that is his statement. He just doesn't care what the second largest part of the population wants and thinks, because he doesn't like it, he just doesn't go along with it. Sayings such as: We want to take more citizens with us, we want to involve citizens more in political events, not only make no sense, these sentences are simply false. He is more likely to think that he wants to take the citizens with him and participate in political events who have expressed his opinion and voted for him.

But that is exactly what does not characterize democracy, but EVERYONE should and must be heard, here the citizens are simply labeled and ignored. Instead, he is now trying with the SPD, a once large party of the citizens, as it was once called, is no longer true, which only represents half of the citizens like the A.., to get on board. Because in the meantime, many small parties have declared that they will rule out certain constellations. The Greens do not want to continue the Kenya constellation and the coalition with the CDU and SPD because they would only feel like the third wheel on the car. What does feeling mean here, with such a meager 5.7% you are the little wheel on the car.

Overestimations that the Greens currently have, but whose policies, as can be seen only by a circle of Green voters and sympathizers, are not well received by the general population, only few voters want to see in the state parliament. And due to the recent incidents with Ms. Baerbock in terms of unreported funds, a refined résumé and now the announcement of the CO2 tax, the Greens will bitterly fall on the foot of the Greens in the federal election - hopefully.

The FDP had already used the argument of the 3rd wheel for itself and also rejected a merger with the CDU and SPD. You don't hear anything from the left or nobody wants it, so Haseloff actually already has the new state government together, because there aren't many left. His sentence that he would talk to the small parties and where you find the most overlaps, you can come together. What do most of the overlaps mean here? He's been Prime Minister in Saxony-Anhalt for 5 years. What kind of overlaps is he looking for after 5 years that he has not yet known?

He had at least 5 years to get to know the other parties and should know their policies fundamentally, what new insights are now on the table in 5 days of discussions that were not known in 5 years. Eat already clear that now the small parties ingratiate themselves to get something from the government cake. And the money. Not only Mr. Haseloff always talks about how undemocratic the A.. is, without a concept, etc. If it were so, why doesn't he just give the A.. a chance in the government in the state parliament? That would be his chance, which he is always looking for, to make the A.. small, so to speak, if he thinks it cannot co-govern because it has virtually no idea and no concept.

Then, in his opinion, the A.. would attract attention through bad politics and that would certainly not please the citizens. But then maybe he’s afraid that A.. could work out, and they’re not as bad as he and others claim, and if that happens, he’s got a serious problem. The citizens could then be more interested in the A.. and that would possibly be the end of the CDU. In conclusion, I would like to say something about the SPD. As the party that rightly suffered the greatest losses in the election, a dirty campaign is now running against the A.. for the Bundestag election.

Obviously she can no longer convince with her own program, so one tries to pollute the A... I want to say that clearly, that's how I see it. Why? Mr. Klingbeil, or at least on his behalf, a circular mail was sent on June 7th, in which he called for everything to be done now so that the A.. does not achieve a good result in the general election. He then names various things that allegedly make the A.. negative. He calls for a bulwark on the right. And then finally: He wants donations. For advertising on posters and digitally. Oops, so far the once so big and proud SPD has come, has no more money for it. That's what happens, Mr. Klingbeil, when you take care of others instead of your own problems that you have.

Perhaps you should rather show the citizens and explain what the SPD has to offer so great and new and not what others allegedly do not have. But if you obviously have nothing to show, that's bad. No Kühnert helps at Maybrit Illner. Sie können diesen Artikel auf DEUTSCH lesen unter: www. You can read in german here: www. A.. means Political party Alternative for Germany

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