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Pope Francis received journalists

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome\ Vatican , 22.01.2024, 17:10 Uhr
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Rome\ Vatican [ENA] Today the AIGAV (International Association of Journalists Accredited in the Vatican) was received in audience by Pope Francis. It was an event during which the Pope congratulated the press that follows the Vatican events - around one hundred and fifty journalists from all over the world were present - both for the professionalism demonstrated and for the delicacy in dealing with the burning issues and scandals

that have arisen in the life of the Church. The Pope defined journalists as "my traveling companions" and praised their commitment and self-sacrifice in a profession that often requires inconvenient hours and sacrifices, but from which one derives satisfaction especially when one gets closer to the truth , especially in times when «Fake news» (lies) are used as weapons to foment war.

Some have compared the work of the Vatican correspondent to a vocation, as one also works on days when the family is at rest: at Christmas, at Easter or on Sunday, but the Vatican correspondents are witnesses of the words and actions of the Pope and know how to be eyes and ears for hundreds of millions of readers, listeners and viewers around the world, both Catholic and other faiths. In fulfilling this demanding mission, the journalist tries to always be honest and faithful to the truth, both in moments of joy and when the news is heavy as in the case of the current "piecemeal third world war" - an expression dear to the Pope but which now, as the Supreme Pontiff recently said while speaking to the diplomatic corps, it is turning

"into a truly global conflict". The free press - through all kinds of difficulties - will continue to give priority to the "existential triad": the love of truth, goodness and beauty, even if the times do not seem propitious.

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