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Returning to theaters in Rome

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Rome [ENA] It is difficult to capture the far-reaching implications of the pandemic for the way people live and work across Italy. The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is having a profound impact, with widespread implications for social cohesion. Particular sectors have seen massive job losses, workers have faced reduced working hours or have been furloughed, others have faced redundancies, while still more have continued

Galleria Sciarra Rome

to carry out essential work in difficult circumstances. One of the most affected sectors has been the the entertainment industry with closures that have reached fifteen months. While the Italian government is defining and launching a national reconstruction plan, which will allow Italy to access the funds of the Next Generation EU, it seems that somehow the theater and entertainment sector can restart in piazzas or courtyards. The Quirino Theater, one of the oldest and most renowned theaters in Rome and Italy, resumed its activity on June 5, combining food and wine and entertainment.

The Quirino Theater will repeat this year, enriched and enlarged, the fortunate season of cultural events which in September 2020 recorded great success in the magnificent setting of the Galleria Sciarra , built between 1885 and 1888 by Prince Maffeo Barberini Colonna di Sciarra. Galleria Sciarra is an authentic architectural masterpiece signed by Giulio De Angelis, a symbol of the taste of his time. The great use of cast iron, an exquisite series of Art Nouveau decorations by Giuseppe Cellini that develops an avant-garde theme for his time: the Glorification of Woman. The cover is made of iron and glass. Located just a few steps away from the iconic Trevi Fountain and the fashionable Via del Corso is a largely unknown courtyard

that transports visitors back to the height of the Art Nouveau movement. Its gorgeous frescoes and brilliant colors are a feast for the eyes and a welcome change from the pale, faded ancient Roman ruins scattered throughout the city. Starting from the theme proposed by Cellini's decorations, the program of the Quirino Theater's summer season will address the issue of gender equality, the fight against violence, enriching the billboard, which includes cultural and entertainment events, with meetings, conferences and moments of reflection and dissemination. Journalists, intellectuals, scholars and protagonists of the civil debate will speak.

In this way, the Quirino theater intends to contribute, with a specific civil choice, to the implementation of the principles of equal opportunity, promoting in parallel the culture of legality and respect for the rules as a weapon against gender violence and against all discrimination. All without losing sight of the vocation of the Quirino Theater, that is bringing the public closer to the live show in a safe and multifunctional space. The Gallery will become a living room with many faces: space for live music, for debates and comparisons, for interviews with celebrities.

The neapolitan actor, playwright, theater director, artistic director of the Quirino Theater Geppy Gleijeses said theater in Galleria Sciarra could be a similar experience to that of café chantant with variety shows, dancers, singers and various attractions . The earliest forms of café chantant appeared in London in the 17th century for advertising purposes, with improvised singing, music and dance performances, set up on makeshift platforms. Later the vogue spread to France and especially to Paris, where various stages with stable theatrical equipment were built.

In France, and in Naples in Italy, the café chantant reached its maximum splendor during the belle époque. At the moment Quirino Theater will stage performance in strict compliance with health regulations, distancing and Covid 19 protocols.

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