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Rediscovering the literature masterpiece

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Gleis 21, 14.01.2022, 00:53 Uhr
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Gleis 21 [ENA] When I was a child, I did not really like the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “The Little Prince”. Our mother used to take us to the marionette’s theater. The image of the little prince being a marionette and sitting on the small planet created the feeling of loneliness and altitude in my soul. In addition, the fact that sun could go around his small planet several times created the feeling that he was locked in.

He was locked in on this planet without any possible alternatives and ways to escape. And to add to this the fact of being a marionette so being manipulated by someone from outside who was holding the strings. Therefore, every time when I heard someone talking about “The Little Prince” as one of the greatest masterpieces of literature I was surprised. Therefore, when I saw “The Little Prince” being performed by Rita Hartzmann-Luksch and the Ensemble21 I was a bit hesitant if I should go. However, I knew the art of performing of Rita Hartzmann-Luksch from previous performances which I visited. And I was really impressed by the strength of her personality and her power to take spectators together with her through literature journey.

She could take the spectator through the most difficult literature works. This power was almost magical. So, at the evening of the 13th of January, I was sitting in the small, almost family like, room of the Gleis21 theater at the Bloch Bauer Promenade in the new favorable Sonnwendviertel quartier. Rita Hartzmann-Luksch and the Ensemble21 did not betray my expectations. Her performance was marvelous.

To add to this the music which was written by the team, and which was fitting one hundred percent to the content of the play. To add to this the innovative technique of the stage with impressive almost abstract video installations. To add to these lovely painted representations of small prince and his world. With few attributes the theater team managed to create very strong images and impressions. To take the king, for example, with only few requisites Rita Hartzmann-Luksch and the Ensemble21 turned into powerful and threatening king who was obsessed with power.

The story which Rita Hartzmann-Luksch and the Ensemble21 were telling from the stage was not a story about loneliness. This was the story about hope for everybody who is in a difficult life situation. The Little Prince came to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in a most difficult moment of life. He supported him. He showed him what really matters in life. He showed the meaning of love and of responsibility while takin care of the beloved ones. He also showed that there is nothing threatening in life and no need to stay with people obsessed with power or money or fame or alcohol. It is very easy to leave them and there is no need to be bored in such society.

He showed the meaning of hope and that in every desert there is a dwell with fresh water. And that the water is one of the most precious goods. And when the difficult situation was over, the time came for The Little Prince to go. And he said that he would leave this body because he would not be able to carry it with him but that he would smile and lough from his start and therefore all starts would belong to you and would lough to you when you are remembering about The Little Prince.

Therefore, the play in the performance of Rita Hartzmann-Luksch and the Ensemble21 turned away from the story about loneliness and deprivation such as I had it in my memory to the story about hope, support, devotion and the greatest qualities of soul in the human beings. This was the greatest discovery for me during this evening. The Small Prince in the interpretation of Rita Hartzmann-Luksch and the Ensemble21 could be still enjoyed at the theater and please believe me this is really worth going there.

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