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Kaleidoscope of passions

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Veranstaltungsort Gleis21 Kulturraum, 02.07.2022, 23:29 Uhr
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Veranstaltungsort Gleis21 Kulturraum [ENA] “We are all lonely and nobody will die for us”, were the words of the famous French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. The performance of Rita Luksch is about loneliness in various stages of life, loneliness even despite love of other people and company about other people. It even starts with the description of the emotions of the child who is desperately trying to get attention of his parent.

Rita Luksch in her performance seriously is giving a snapshot of various life situations in the life of a modern woman. Here we can see woman who falls in love and how is suffering when her man loses interest to her. Woman who is disparately trying to combine her professional desires with obligations which are considered by modern society to be essential for a woman. Woman who is experiencing different facettes and paths of development of her husband starting from romantic love to indifference, from joy and desire to be together to control and obsession. With the precious of a psychoanalytic Rita shows all movements of the soul of such woman as well as her reactions on changes which are happening around her.

The performance benefits from a great team who was jointly working in the creation of decorations up to music and the story plot. Lyric comes from Georgana Popova and is an experiment, a debut for her in this activity. The fantastically colorful and somehow naïf experimental movie comes from Erich Heyduck. Traditionally Rita is performing together with her husband who is doing fascinating new music and who is developing several musical instruments which he is discussion also for other team members. The performance which was developed by Rita Luksch & Georg O. Luksch as well as by Gergana Popova and by Erich Heyduck who contributed to the innovative stage of the performance. The performance can be also visited during September 2022.

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