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Harri Stojka 50 years carrier anniversary

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Arena Vienna [ENA] The October 2021 is a special month for the Austrian musician Harri Stojka. Fifty years ago he was standing on the same stage of the Arena club as this October while performing his world oriented music. Harri who was born in 1957 is know as one of the most famous Austrian jazz musicians. He comes from the famous Lovara Roma dynasty those members live in various European countries.

This is exactly in the Arena club in Vienna where Harri started his carrier in 1970. Following concerts in Arena he was developing his special style of playing together with Karl Ratzer and Peter Wolf in the band Gypsy-Love and Objektiv Truth Orchestra. Shortly after the grounding of his own band Harri Stojka Express he received the invitation to perform at the world famous Jazz Festival in Montreaux. This was a start of the rocketing carrier of Harri followed by performances at the jazz festivals in Paris, Anger, Prag, London, Barcelona, New Delhi, New York, Syracuse, Detroit, Kahmoro Festival, Sziget Festival Budapest, Django Reinhardt Memorial Festival in Augsburg, Graz Jazz Festival, Jazzfestival in Jakarta und in Yogjakarta.

In 2005 the CD of Harri “A Tribute to Swing” was nominated in Germany to the best CD production from abroad. In 2011 the movie “Gipsy Spirit, the travel of Harri Stojka” (Gypsy Spirit, Harri Stojka eine Reise) was nominated to the best documentary films in Austria. What is fascinating in the virtuous music of Harri Stojka is that he is an autodidact. He also contributed significantly to the world recognition of the songs of the Lovara dynasty. The songs of this dynasty were included in 2011 into the Austrian list of the UNESCO cultural treasures.

Together with Peter Strutzenberger (Bass) and Sigi Meier (Schlagzeug) on the 14th of October 2021 in the Arena Club Harri created as usual a fantastic evening which was a mixture if dynamic music of Jimi Hendrix, innovative video installations on the stage and joyful atmosphere of various friends and following of the works of Harri. The music which Harri was performing this evening could be also enjoyed on his album “Salut to Jimi Hendrix”.

Harri really deserves the title of the “Austrian Jimi Hendrix” not only for his really virtuous music performance, similar to Jimi Hendrix, but also for special interpretation of the music of Jimi Hendrix. Harri hat the own play style with various solos in which the spirit of Jimi Hendrix could be recognized. He, as no one else, could create this special feeling of the blues and drive at the same time which was typical to Jimi Hendrix. Harri with his play creates a real cocktail of emotions which reflects in the thousands of tones and melodies. Harri also brings to his music the style of “gypsysoul” with all its richness of emotions as well as various elements of the world music.

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