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CIHA’s International Art History Congress in Florence

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Florence [ENA] From 1 to 6 September in Florence, after more than forty years, is taking place the CIHA’s International Art History Congress (Comité International d’Histoire del’Art). The Congress is organized in two different countries within a two-year period. Motion: transformation - is the title of the first part of the 35th CIHA International Congress which is organized by CIHA Italia and by the Kunsthistorisches Institut

in Florenz- Max-Planck-Institut. The second part Motion: Migrations- will take place in São Paulo, Brazil in September 2020. This event was also awarded with the Medal of Representation of the President of the Italian Republic. The program of the Congress includes about one hundred and twenty papers by experts from all over the world. There are events open to the public, amongst them the lecture by Indian Art historian Kavita Singh at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

In a transcultural, interdisciplinary and innovative perspective, the CIHA Congress in Firenze starts with a reflection that addresses the role of the artist, intended as - he who acts and does- endowed with the divine ability to shape the material and to create new forms, as well as to the nature of the Art objet, that is in turn endowed with soul.

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