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Fest of colors and music

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Seefestspiele Mörbisch [ENA] The Seefestspiele Mörbisch, in translation Sea Festivals in Mörbisch, is a well-known place for operettas and musicals. The tradition of the Sea Festivals goes up to 1957 and every year the publicum has possibility to enjoy festivals of colors and music at the romantic atmosphere of the Neusiedler Sea. The Sea Festivals are known for Austrian and Hungarian operettas as well as British and international musicals.

The performances at Mörbisch are yearly visited by more than 200.000 people. The King and I is the musical of the Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. The role of the British teacher is performed by Milica Jovanovics and of the Siam king by Kok-Hwa Lie. The current performance of King and I was developed under the leadership of Alfons Haider. The King and I musical is a combination of gold and glamour providing feeling of the ancient kingdom of Siam, the modern Thailand.

The action is playing in the palace of the king in the middle of Bangkok which is one of the most impressive buildings due to the opulence of decoration and richness of the gold coverage. The stage has 34-meter-high golden temple and convertible revolving stage in the middle. Ales Valasek and Charles Quiggin developed several costumes which are full of phantasy and rich of decoration and bring spectators to the magical world of the Asian fairytales. The stage decoration is really fantastic and gives the feeling of the real palace of Bangkok when the buildings are constructed in almost original size and include several additional to the palace elements such as typical Thai doorways or small pagodas.

The light decoration is also carefully selected and increases the strong impression while changing together with the change of the light over the Neusiedlersee from the sunset to the darkness. The opulence feeling of the performance is strengthened by several fountains at the stage and even by a waterfall at the top of the mountain. The evening at Mörbisch at the Sea Festival could be an unforgettable experience due to the colorful performances produced with love to every detail.

The Neusiedler Sea is a well-known national park which is a real treasure combining nature and picturesque landscape of the Hungarian character pusta. This is also the biggest steppe sea in Europe where visitors could enjoy the healing quality of the sea water and observe thousands of the migratory birds. The visit of the performance King and I could be also combined with the visit to the natural part and the healing swimming experience at the Neusiedler Sea. In between visitors could enjoy local wines and kitchen at several picturesque restaurants surrounded by flowers and blossoming trees. There is still a chance to enjoy the King and I musical which will be performed until the 15th of August.

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