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Travel to Namibia with red dunes and huge national parks

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Namibia National Parks
Namibia National Parks  Bild: Giorgio Esposito

EN [ENA] Travel to Namibia with red dunes and huge national parks. The most popular routes for travelers from all over the world with information and practical tips to make the most of the splendid natural scenery offered by this South African country. "Climb the highest sand dunes in the world.

From the city, then, we wind towards the chosen itinerary that almost always leads to the more famous Namib Coastal where the gigantic red dunes, even 400 meters high, flank vast plains and rugged mountains now inhabited by animals adapted to the hostile climate. To dominate it, the Namib-Naukluft Park, which employs 50 thousand square kilometers and offers every naturalistic goodness to its admirers from all over the world. It includes a wide variety of landscapes including plains, desert, canyons and the sea. This park is famous for being one of the largest in the world and also the desert that is in its territory is the oldest in the world.

The current Namibia was discovered by Bartholomeu Diaz in 1487, but remained unexplored until 1840 with the arrival of German missionaries. Since then the territory has always had a "Germanic connotation" both in culture and in architecture, soon becoming a full-fledged colony. Since the end of the First World War it has then passed under international protection despite the strong South African dominance. In 1990, finally independence and complete autonomy. Today Namibia enjoys a good economic position thanks to the diamond mines and to the approximately two million tourists that throughout the year appreciate its natural characteristics above all.

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