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Tourism recovery and future growth

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Rome [ENA] Placing sustainability and inclusion at the heart of tourism recovery and future growth is the commitment of Tourism Ministers of the G20 nations. The implementation of the World Tourism Organization AlUla Framework for Inclusive Community Development Through Tourism, on the occasion of the Ministerial Meeting, has been presented as a tool for achieving a fairer and more inclusive sector.

Under the leadership of the 2020 G20 Saudi Presidency, UNWTO and the G20 Tourism Working Group developed the AlUla Framework to further advance the contribution of the sector as an effective means towards fairer growth and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Framework was developed by UNWTO and the G20 Tourism Working Group in collaboration with the IE Center for the Governance of Change and the academic contribution of the University of Surrey and includes the contributions of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank Group and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

Through four pillars of action: empowerment, safeguarding, prosperity and collaboration it defines the key areas of measurement for the impact of tourism in the communities in line with the Measuring Sustainable Tourism Initiative, led by UNWTO. The Framework provides specific recommendations and tools to support both governments as well as all other key stakeholders in the tourism sector – including regional and local governments, the private sector, industry associations, civil society, communities and tourists – fostering a truly holistic and integrated approach to inclusive community development through tourism. In fact, when the world economy will come out of the Covid tunnel it will be in much more debt.

World economies are borrowing now from the future resources to survive the pandemic. Since the world's debt has been in excessive growth for twenty years. Tourism could be a chance to avoid a financial crisis after the pandemic. Past Covid GDP will be lower and their growth rates will likely remain inadequate and asymmetrical as before the pandemic, despite the structural, technological, ecological and redistributive improvements expected with some optimism from the projects to repair the damage to the virus.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said: “As we join forces to restart tourism, we must live up to our responsibility to ensure that tourism’s benefits are shared by all. I congratulate the Saudi Presidency for placing inclusive community development through tourism at the heart of the G20 Agenda and I invite G20 countries to follow this vision and embrace tourism as an effective means for inclusion and sustainability.” His Excellency Ahmed Al Khateeb, Saudi Arabia’s Minister for Tourism and Chair of the G20 Tourism Ministers’ Meeting welcomed the AlUla Framework saying, “On behalf of the G20 Tourism Ministers, I commend the Tourism Working Group and the UNWTO for this initiative.

The AlUla Framework – named after Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO world heritage site – demonstrates how the tourism sector can promote inclusive community development by highlighting practical examples and case studies that governments can emulate to protect local culture and the environment, while empowering local communities, especially women and young people. The Framework is a vital tool to be used as we work together to rebuild the tourism sector to be more sustainable, resilient and inclusive.”

Among the G20 Guidelines for Inclusive Community Development through Tourism endorsed at the meeting, is the importance of placing tourism at the heart of development policies at international, national and local level. The Guidelines further stress the importance of human capital development, inclusive labor markets, adequate social protection, and innovation and entrepreneurship as key contributors to travel and tourism as a human-centered sector, as well as to advancing women’s empowerment and to create decent jobs for all.

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