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Training camp for nonprofit undercover and data journalism

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Berlin, 07.05.2019, 13:46 Uhr
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Berlin [ENA] A German association of investigative journalists has announced two tenders for supporting and connecting nonprofit journalism in Europe. According to the Berlin-based NR Netzwerk Recherche (network research) funding is available for developing nonprofit Grow media projects and attending the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Hamburg, a training camp and networking event in September 2019.

The new Grow Fellowships will enable five pioneers of this emerging scene to join members of the three projects at the Hamburg GIJN gathering where over 1.000 international media workers from 130 countries are expected to share their experience and skills in investigative reporting including data and undercover journalism. While funding of €3.000 each will cover costs for setting up and running the three Grow projects, the five Grow fellowships will cater for travel expenses to Hamburg, hotel rooms for five nights (24-28 September 2019), breakfast and lunch on conference days, the award ceremony dinner and conference fees. Deadline for submission of the development projects is 15 May; fellowship applications can be presented by 16 June.

On funding eligibility organizers say they want to assemble a group of “dedicated journalists with an open mindset for innovation and alternative business models - journopreneurs, as we call them.” They welcome European nonprofit journalism start-ups and established teams working on small to medium nonprofit investigative news projects. However, only one person per organization will be invited to Hamburg. For German journalists NR recommends applications for the €3.000 Grow stipends. NR funding is supported by the German Schöpflin foundation, a family philanthropy believing that nonprofit journalism is a necessary addition to state-funded and commercial journalism as prerequisite for an open society and a vibrant democracy.

Earlier Grow stipends include a Heidelberg and the MedWatch online portals, the latter of which is dedicated to unmasking fake cure promises. The Data guide project is an Internet portal that explains and compares official regional statistics. Projects have also benefited from NR guidance on financial sustainability. Its forthcoming Hamburg workshop will focus on key sources of revenue including audiences, funders/donors, events or trainings. NR was registered as a nonprofit association in 2001 and pursues goals with a public benefit. Examples of international journalism nonprofits include the Center for Investigative Reporting, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and the Associated Press.

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