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Book Fair offers stand wildcards for content creators

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Frankfurt, 09.03.2019, 17:46 Uhr
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Frankfurt [ENA] The Frankfurt Book Fair again offers two wildcards to attract content creators to its exhibition in October this year. The organizers said they continue the promotional offer after receiving more than 930 applications from more than 20 countries over the past four years. Submission deadline is 31 May 2019. One wildcard is for German exhibitors and one for international applicants.

According to the world´s largest fair for content those who convincingly answer several questions on their exhibition plans can win the grand prize: an 8 square-meter-stand. In addition to traditional publishers, all producers of creative content are encouraged to participate including illustrators, game developers, corporate publishers, cloggers, bloggers and photographers. Applicants are invited to answer questions in the registration form for the competition like Why does the Frankfurter Buchmesse need you as a new exhibitor? How would you promote your fair presentation in advance of the fair? How would you draw attention with your stand? And which area would you most likely sort your business into?

As a part of Frankfurter Buchmesse sweepstakes, the participants can win a package including the 8-sqm row stand, environment and energy surcharge, marketing fee, furniture & light package M, ten trade visitor tickets. All companies that have not yet exhibited at Frankfurter Buchmesse may apply. Last year’s national wildcard winners, Reisedepeschen travel book chiefs Marianna Hillmer and Johannes Klaus, commented that the stand gave them an opportunity to connect creative people from publishing with the travel blogger community. UNSILO, International Winner 2018, said they presented a number of strategic solutions to apply machine learning to new internal workflows.

The Frankfurt book fair offers newcomers to present themselves and their brand at the heart of the international publishing industry where last year over 7500 exhibitors from 109 countries, 10,000 journalists and 285,000 visitors gathered. Frankfurter Buchmesse calls itself the world’s leading venue for printed and digital content where publishing experts meet up with partners from the technology and creative industries such as film and games – to exchange ideas, be inspired, try out new technologies and cultivate contacts. The 2019 fair will take place in Frankfurt from October 16-20. Norway is Guest of Honour at the fair with the classics of Henrik Ibsen to the modern best-sellers of Jo Nesbø.

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