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30 Years of Italian/Brazil ground-attack AMX aircraft

Verantwortlicher Autor: Gianluca Conversi Istrana, 04.09.2019, 10:35 Uhr
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An A-11B Ghibli on static display in Istrana AFB
An A-11B Ghibli on static display in Istrana AFB  Bild: Gianluca Conversi

Istrana [ENA] Next September 13 at the "Ferruccio Serafini" AFB in Istrana, Italy, Italian Air Force will celebrate the 30 years of activity of the bi-national AMX International Ghibli aircraft and the 80 years of the local 51st Wing. Two events to be celebrated in the home-base of the bi-national jet.

It will be a unique meeting place, made even more special by the Flypast of some AMX A-11 special colors and by the participation of the Italian National Aerobatic Team "Frecce Tricolori" and other aircrafts of the armed force as guests. Former airmen, pilots and invitees will close the celebration in a join party with personnel currently in service. The AMX International was a consortium created by italian companies Aeritalia and Aermacchi and the brasilian Embraer that intended to produce a light ground attack jet having in charge missions where the expensive twin-engine jets were not necessary. Italy had to substitute the ageing fleet of FIAT G-91 and Brazil the italian built Aermacchi MB-326.

The photo gallery shows some of the special colors painted during the 30 years' service within Italian Air Force- About 300 aircrafts have been produced by the consortium, 110 single-seat and 26 twin-seat jets for Italy and 60 for Brazil. The remaining fleet within Italian Air foce is now totally assigned to the 51st Wing in Istrana and should consist of about 35 A-11B single-seat and 5 TA11B twin-seat aircradt for training and operational conversion.

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