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World Design Embassies: perspectives for the future

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Eindhoven [ENA] During Dutch Design Week (DDW, 19 to 27 October) international experts, makers, designers, users and change agents in Eindhoven will take on the challenge of tackling current social issues differently. For each of the six themes – Safety, Circular & Biobased Building, Sustainable Design, Health, Mobility and Water – a World Design Embassy will be established offering a programme with exhibitions, presentations, works

lectures and debates. Each embassy will also organise a conference, where the relevant issue will be explored in great depth. Embassies for the future From climate change, undermining and mobility to circularity, healthcare and water: our growing world population cannot escape the dilemmas in all these themes. What kind of future do we want? How do we design that future? World Design Embassies (WDE) searches for answers to these questions. WDE will reach its highpoint during Dutch Design Week (19 to 27 October) in Eindhoven. The public and professionals are welcome to view the exhibitions and actively participate in the programme.

Embassy of Safety How can designers contribute to current safety issues? This embassy concentrates on research and experimentation and attempts to answer the broad question ‘Is safety a right?’ from multiple perspectives. Location: Strijp S, Ketelhuisplein Partners: VNG, Aanjaagteam Ondermijning, politie and DDF Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building Today’s social challenges: how can we guarantee that everyone has a place to live in the Netherlands in the near future? And how do we ensure that these buildings also achieve the climate objectives by being energy-efficient, climate-proof and emission-friendly? Location: Strijp S, Ketelhuisplein Partners: Provincie Noord-Brabant, Studio Marco Vermeulen, Company New Heroes and DDF

Embassy of Sustainable Design How, as businesses, designers and consumers, can we make a difference? This embassy focusses on the urgency of the transition towards sustainability and a more circular economy and way of life. Location: Strijp S & T, Innovation Powerhouse, Gloeilampenplantsoen, Yksi Expo Partners: DeMeeuw, Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events, IKEA Nederland, Renewi, NS, TU Delft, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, ArtEZ, TU/e, Design Academy Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research, DSM-Niaga, ECOR, FrieslandCampina, Interface, KPMG, CIRCO, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Firm of the Future, VanBerlo, Yksi Expo and DDF Embassy of Health A more comprehensive approach based on new forms of collaboration.

Design talents, healthcare professionals, commercial parties and authorities explore the central question: what will happen if the hospital of today no longer exists? Where will healthcare be provided, and how? What impact will this have on the healthcare landscape? And what is the role of designers shaping the future of healthcare? Location: Strijp S, Klokgebouw Partners: U CREATE, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Philips, Máxima Medisch Centrum, Waag and DDF

Embassy of Water A creative Water Hub for knowledge sharing, inspiration and the acceleration of innovation. Research into options for a self-sufficient, circular water chain. Location: Campina site, het Lab Partners: Waterschap De Dommel, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Gemeente Eindhoven, vanderPolloffice, Brabant Water, BPD and DDF World Design Embassies World Design Embassies is a programme organised by Dutch Design Foundation (DDF), exploring together with partners societal changes and the role of design in the development of new perspectives and tangible, workable solutions. WDE can be visited at various locations during Dutch Design Week 2019, from 19 to 27 October in Eindhoven.

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