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Medieval coins

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Rome [ENA] On 22 November 2018, Brill published for the series Reading Medieval Sources: Money and Coinage in the Middle Ages. Reading Medieval Sources is an exciting new series which leads scholars and students into some of the most challenging and worthwhile sources from the European Middle Ages, and introduces the most important approaches to understanding them. It’s an old tale that the Middle Ages were dark and gloomy,

although most people don’t know much about them. But a look behind the scenes into this captivating period shows how varied and vibrant it actually was. And coins, or rather currencies, show that vividly. There were lots of currencies in the Middle Ages, many of which have ended up in the catacomb of history. Many others, such as the Albus or the Augustalis, are only known to experts. But whether they’re remembered or forgotten, they all have a story to tell as testifies the volume Money and Coinage in the Middle Ages.

Written by an international team of twelve leading scholars, the volume Money and Coinage in the Middle Ages offers a set of original and insightful viewpoints that prove the valuable potential of this source material to all scholars of medieval history and culture. It contains reporting of major developments in monetary history, set into their economic and political background, as well as ground-breaking and interdisciplinary perspectives that address money and coinage in relation to archaeology, anthropology and medieval literature.

The Editor, Rory Naismith completed his doctorate at the University of Cambridge in 2009, and has been a lecturer in medieval history at King’s College London since 2015. He has published extensively on earlier medieval history, especially from an economic and monetary perspective Contributors are Nanouschka Myrberg Burström, Elizabeth Edwards, Gaspar Feliu, Anna Gannon, Richard Kelleher, Bill Maurer, Nick Mayhew, Rory Naismith, Philipp Robinson Rössner, Alessia Rovelli, Lucia Travaini, and Andrew Woods.

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