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Luminous sunflowers of Van Gogh in Brabant

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Luminous sunflowers on the spot where Van Gogh created ‘The potato eaters’
Luminous sunflowers on the spot where Van Gogh created ‘The potato eaters’  Bild: Tamara Ernst

NUENEN [ENA] ‘Sunflowers for Van Gogh’ by light artists Hugo Vrijdag from Eindhoven and Gu Yeliang from Nanjing. A colourful tribute to Vincent van Gogh on display in the Van Gogh Village of Nuenen during light art festival GLOW Eindhoven 2021. The flowers are positioned next to the Roosdonck Windmill,

close to where the family De Groot’s farmhouse once stood. They modelled for Van Gogh’s famous masterpiece Potato Eaters, painted here in 1885. Visitors can discover more about Van Gogh’s stay in Nuenen at the Vincentre Museum, at walking distance of the windmill. Vincent in Brabant The Vincent van GoghHuis: a living arts centre in the birthplace of Brabant’s most famous artist ever, stands on the spot where Vincent van Gogh came into the world on 30 March 1853. The protestant Van Gogh spent his childhood years in catholic Zundert, not far from the Belgian border. A reticent and introvert boy, he was educated at home and it soon became clear that Vincent was ‘different’.

In the Vincent van GoghHuis you can experience how his time in Zundert moulded him and eventually enabled him to mature to become a world-famous artist. “A must see if you want to know Van Gogh” Vincent’s life had a tough beginning. As the son of the minister Theodorus van Gogh, he quickly became an outsider in the catholic village. He could often be found in the large garden with his younger brother Theo. He would have a wonderful time outdoors, but could also take comfort in it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the countryside played such a large role in Van Gogh’s later work?

More than a museum In the permanent presentation ‘Vincent van Gogh – the Roots of a Master’, Vincent will take you by the hand and lead you through a re-enactment of his youth and you can learn more about his struggle with faith. Changing exhibitions show the enormous influence of Van Gogh on 20th and 21st century artists, modern art enthusiasts are therefore very much catered for. In addition, the Van GoghHuis has an artist in residence scheme, where an artist can literally step, and live, in Van Gogh’s footsteps every day!

Heritage locations in Brabant The Vincent van GoghHuis has its own VVV (Tourist Information) counter and is of course one of the five Van Gogh Heritage locations in Brabant. You can also get to the Van GoghHuis by bike via the Van Gogh Cycle Route that connects all the heritage locations in Brabant. For more info please

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