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In Andorra the World Congress on snow and mountain tourism

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Rome [ENA] The Andorra la Vella Congress Center will host on March 11 and 12 two days of conferences, during which thirty professionals will offer the keys to the sector and its future challenges. Innovation and sustainability in the tourism sector will be the two key pillars of the 11th edition of the World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism, that will take place at the Andorra la Vella Congress Center on March 11 and 12

under the title "Mountainlikers: Tourism, Innovation and Sustainability". The Congress will gather about thirty expert speakers, all professionals of the sector or institutional representatives. It is expected the participation of about 400 persons. Among the participants, there will be reference professionals from the sector, as well as representatives of the main tourist institutions from around the world. The event will bring together companies and professionals of very different nationalities, in accordance with the clearly international vocation of the Congress.

The Congress is a meeting point for the whole sector and a space for reflection and debate around the main challenges and objectives that snow and mountain destinations face today. Four sessions will take place in the Congress to talk about tourism, innovation and sustainability. The first session will be devoted to pioneering technological solutions for a sustainable tourism, the second will emphasize on connecting sustainable consumption with local resources and products, and the third will refer to inclusive tourism and the question of accessibility for mountain tourism.

In conclusion, the fourth session will draw attention to success stories of touristic properties dedicated to ecologically friendly development. The Congress will start, this year, with an inauguration ceremony by Sir Francesc Camp, Chief Consul of Canillo; Sir Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and Sir Xavier Espot, Head of Government of the Principality of Andorra. In addition, on Friday, March 13, a day of recreational activities is scheduled to make Andorra known as a country and as a tourist destination.

The Congress is an initiative of the seven Communes and the Government of Andorra, together with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), with the aim of creating a forum for permanent debate on the development and sustainability of tourism in mountain areas. It is organized every two years: the first edition was held in 1998 in Escaldes-Engordany and since then, each edition is organized in a different parish.

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