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Superdry Summer Party in Berlin

Verantwortlicher Autor: Viktoria Kersten/ Frank Wieners Berlin, 22.08.2022, 09:07 Uhr
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Everything is ready for Superdry Summer Party in Berlins former airport Tempelhof
Everything is ready for Superdry Summer Party in Berlins former airport Tempelhof   Bild: Viktoria Kersten

Berlin [ENA] This year the Superdry Summer party Berlin took place on the famous premises of the former Airport Tempelhof. Superdry plc is a UK branded clothing company and owner of the Superdry label. Superdry products combine vintage American styling with Japanese-inspired graphics.

Superdry was foundet in 2003, opened its first store in Covent Garden in London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. After football player David Beckham wore a Superdry leather jacket in 2007, it resulted in over 70,000 units being sold. Superdry was endorsed by actor Idris Elba in 2015. Now Superdry is well-known around the world for its strong outerwear, womenswear and menwear collections. So it was more as natural, that Superdry is represented since 2016 with 3 XL-large stores in the trendiest locations in Berlin. This very spirit of expansion was clearly felt in the choice of such a significant and vast location for the fabulous Summer Party as premises of the former airport Tempelhof.

The party was a fantastic event with many influencers, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts. Besides cool drinks and tasteful vegan food, there were selected pieces from the current collection to admire. For the ladies there was a stand with fantasy nails and for everybody a commemorative gift - Superdry T-shirt. The perfect warm summer evening weather and the great location of the former Tempelhof airport contributed to the wonderful atmosphere. In the vastness of the airfield, under the impressive unique roof and right next to the legendary "Raisin Bomber" the Superdry label stood out uniquely. The Superdry party went late into the night and was a great success.

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