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Italy: Phase 2

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Turin, 05.05.2020, 12:33 Uhr
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Stop Lockdown
Stop Lockdown  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Turin [ENA] May 4, 2020: the government has decided that the situation of contagions, the dead, the healed and hospitalized is such as to finally allow the transition to the long-awaited "phase 2". Phase two started with the best conditions: significantly reduced number of deaths (174) and new cases (1389)

To govern Italy is not easy, to govern it during a pandemic period is even less easy; if then, to govern, are people with little political experience, surrounded by a Parliament where the political quarrel is not only between majority and opposition (this would be understandable) but also within the same parties that make up the majority of government, the situation It's really difficult. Those in charge of government know this: whatever decision is made, in any area, this generates satisfaction for some and criticism from others. It is the game of politics, valid all over the world. The problem is that in this moment of global crisis due to Covid 19, making mistakes can sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many actions by the Italian government that have provoked even very harsh criticism from a large part of the population who has so far tolerated, realizing that the situation is objectively difficult and above all without the possibility of being able to redo to past experiences. But now it's time for strong decisions; the economic crisis has reached particularly worrying levels; entire sectors of the Italian economy are "on their knees" and too often we hear about medium-small companies that will not have the strength to resume their activity.

The protests, not only of the entrepreneurs but also of the common citizens, are getting stronger and more and more, thanks to the data on the contagion in clear improvement, we are starting to see worrying signs of unease and potential violence. The government, aided by the Technical Scientific Committee and the coronavirus task force, albeit with some reluctance, therefore had to yield and move, perhaps earlier than expected, to the so-called "phase 2". And here the problems begin; it would have been useful to elaborate, for this second intermediate period between the total lockdown and the complete reopening, a series of rules: few but simple and clear.

Instead, the Prime Minister's Decree was immediately full of difficult to interpret and unclear rules. It liberalizes all or nothing or only partially. You are allowed to go out, to visit relatives, friends, girlfriends etc. but ... it is forbidden to see friends and for girlfriends or boyfriends it is necessary that there is a "stable bond"; relatives? Yes, but only up to the 7th grade! Sport? Yes, but alone. And all with the notorious "self-certification". The only basic principle, easily understood, is given by the three fundamental rules: masks in closed places, prohibition of gatherings and social distancing of at least one meter, which become two in the case of sports.

Most of the companies reopen, as long as the strict requirements dictated by the danger of contagion are respected, codified, always with Conte's decree, and subjected to checks by the personnel in charge: where will all this staff be found to carry out the checks? The population is anxious: after two months of seclusion, it already imagines that it can give vent to the right needs of walks, races, games, lunches and dinners with friends, watching shows, etc. but unfortunately it will not be so, or at least it will not be so for at least two more weeks.

The difficulty in deciphering the phase two decree appeared immediately evident: the Prime Minister himself, illustrating the salient features on live TV, seemed rather uncomfortable, he lost that sense of security that appeared instead in previous meetings. When we then went into the merits of the decree itself, trying to understand, in order to transmit to the citizens, the precise rules described therein, the situation worsened further. Just think of the meaning of the phrase "travel is considered necessary to meet relatives". Who are the "relatives"? Relatives and that's all, everyone would think. No, the ministry explained that "relatives" can also mean engaged couples or those with whom there is a stable relationship.

And who determines if there is a stable bond? The engagement time? The intensity of the relationship? Time spent with your partner? Nobody knows! When Conte, to better explain, said that the visits should be "targeted visits, with the maintenance of distances, the use of masks and the ban on gathering", many imagined two boyfriends, after two months of forced separation , locked in the house and sitting one meter away with the mask on your face! To complicate everything, if ever it were necessary, the differentiation in the opening of commercial activities. Clothing stores yes, from June 18, but only with dressing rooms for rehearsal of purified clothes at each entrance; kinds of stationery yes; hairdressers no, until June.

Bars and restaurants not until June. Possibility of take away sale but without gatherings in front of the restaurant. But that is not all. Each Italian region (20 of which 5 have a Special Statute) wanted to "personalize" the Decree, adding or removing limitations based on the specific conditions of its territory. This has not always been accepted willingly by the Italian government which, if in some cases allowed the changes, considering them not contrary to the decree, in others (Calabria for example) expressed an absolutely negative opinion, challenging, for example, the Ordinance with which in the Calabria region the opening of bars and restaurants is anticipated to today.

So a real mess. It is clear to everyone that where bureaucracy and lack of clarity are the masters, the results can only be negative. The trouble is that, behavior contrary to the anti-contagion rules, could be damage to the point of making us return to "Phase 1" in a short time with a new and perhaps even more rigid lockdown. The hope is that, despite understandable demands for freedom, people always engage in responsible behavior for the good of the community.

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