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After Cape Horn: Joschke and Herrmann on home straight

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Les Sables d'Olonne (France), 05.01.2021, 13:53 Uhr
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Les Sables d'Olonne (France) [ENA] The two German VendeeGlobe solo skippers Isabelle Joschke and Boris Herrmann early on Tuesday circumnavigated Cape Horn and are now on their home straight through the Atlantic. Both rounded the tip of South America in rough seas a little over an hour apart. According to race management they were trailing leading French sailor Yannick Bestaven by some 800 miles with a final distance of 7,000 miles ahead.

The organizers said the sequence of rounding the cape was unprecedented in the history of the Vendée Globe and continued this morning when four more solo skippers passed Cape Horn in a period of less than four hours. While Herrmann at 0227 hrs (UTC) made the fourth passage of his career rounding in tenth position on his boat Seaexplorer (Yacht Club de Monaco) Joschke’s yacht MACSF followed just 90 minutes behind him. The German sailors were considerably slowed down because Herrmann reported a tear in his mainsail and Joschke, who also holds French nationality, was handicapped with keel damage.

A bitterly disappointed Herrmann approaching his first solo rounding of the Cape under the smallest sail on board after damaging his mainsail reported: “I have 30 to 40 knots of wind, I have just the J3 on, the sea is white, and the mainsail is down on the boom right now; it needs a repair job on it. I did a little gybe to get out from the Continental shelf to avoid any breaking waves and then I gybed (changed course) back half an hour later. I can’t put my mainsail up I damaged it in a gybe when I took a reef … I will never give up but I have lost my zone and that hurts, it hurts so badly. But OK I have to put a patch on the other side of the sail and then stitch the leech.”

In the past two days 11 solo skippers have rounded Cape Horn and in less than 12 hours last night, six skippers passed out the Pacific to enter the South Atlantic. The deltas were tiny and pointed to a “very tight climb up the Atlantic paced at regatta intensity,” the organizers stated adding: “The finishes into Les Sables d’Olonne are going to be breathtakingly close.” The leading group is expected back in France at the end of January. On 08 November 33 boats left Les Sables d’Olonne, a town in the Western French department of Vendée on the Atlantic Ocean for the eights edition of the VendeeGlobe round the word race that takes place every four years. While 27 yachts are still competing for the Euro200,000 top prize money six have retired.

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