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Effects of the corona crisis on culture visits are felt

Verantwortlicher Autor: Paola Testoni Amsterda, 07.05.2020, 21:39 Uhr
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The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam
The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam  Bild: Photo Courtesy City of Amsterdam

Amsterda [ENA] After reopening museums, 79% of Dutch museum visitors expect to visit a museum as often, or even more. Visitors to the performing arts also expect to return to the theaters and music venues as often or more frequently (74%). This is evident from the Cultural Sector Trade Mark Research.

Financial uncertainty does not seem to affect planned museum visits. Distance to the co-visitors and the number of visitors in the hall, on the other hand, are reasons not to go directly to a show or concert after reopening. In order to support the Dutch cultural sector in this difficult time, it was made clear what the effects of the corona crisis are on cultural visits after the reopening of the museums and performing arts sector. The research, which also included the University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente, was conducted by Hendrik Beerda brand consultancy.

How will the inhabitants of Amsterdam able to rediscover their city from 1 June? Can they visit museums, shop, enjoy the local catering, cycling and walking in the metropolis, spend a night on holiday in their own city, taking into account the hygiene measures without having to use public transport and burdening public space too much? How can we (possibly in the summer) welcome Dutch visitors and at the same time observe the measures that still apply, so that our institutions and entrepreneurs can again receive visitors within the 1.5-meter economy without too much pressure on public transport? These are all questions for the future...

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