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Amsterdam Capital Kitchen

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Capital Kitchen in Amsterdam
Capital Kitchen in Amsterdam  Bild: Geert Broertjes

AMSTERDAM [ENA] Capital Kitchen is the newest addition to the Amsterdam restaurant scene. This brand new bar-restaurant is located in Capital C, the listed building on Weesperplein that was once home to the diamond exchange. Capital C stands for creativity – with a capital C. Capital C is a hub, a community for

the creative sector in the capital. A work and meeting place for creatives with flex spaces, office space and meeting rooms, and special event spaces. And that list has been expanded with a unique, innovative bar-restaurant concept, a collaboration among top names the Dutch creative industry. Capital C is owned by media and online entrepreneur Willem Sijthoff and property entrepreneur Cor van Zadelhoff. These two moguls previously transformed the old Renault garage into a media hub (Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR radio station) and the successful café-restaurant, Dauphine.

Capital Kitchen ph Birgit Bijl
The Pink Salon ph Janwillem Kaldenbach
Capital Kitchen ph Geert Broertjes
The Clock Tower ph Jan Willem Kaldenbach
Capital Kitchen Food ph Kim Winders
The stairs by Rutgen de Vries ph Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Art with a capital A A love for art and design are the pillars of Capital Kitchen. Curator and publicist Anne van der Zwaag hand picked the artists and designers involved in Capital C. The groundbreaking estaurant design is by artistic jack-of-all-trades and style icon Maarten Spruyt. This was his first foray into restaurant design, and he was given free rein with the Capital Kitchen interior, bringing in fellow creatives to work on this unique project. Artist Joep van Lieshout designed the piece above the central bar. This eye-catching sculpture, with the working title 'The Being', is a - disassembled - human skeleton that symbolizes the exposure of the inner self.

Vagina, oesophagus, and disco ball The 'inner self' theme has been taken to extremes in the furniture. The tabletops (designed by Maarten Spruyt) are extremely enlarged - to the cellular level - images of human organs like the oesophagus, pancreas, liver, and vagina. For the chair design, each chair has a unique backrest, created by artist and designer Maarten Baas, whose work can be seen in leading museums around the world, including the MoMa, the Victoria & Albert, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. Lensvelt produced the chairs.

Another unique feature is the melted disco ball over the balustrade on the mezzanine level. It's a design by Dutch-American design collective Rotganzen, who won the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award in 2019 with this ball, christened 'Quelle Fête'. The entrance functions as a pop-up gallery with a spectacular light installation on the ceiling by designer Rick Tegelaar. In collaboration with the prestigious Amsterdam Art, which brings together galleries and museums around the capital, the restaurant will host a pop-up exhibition of cutting-edge artists and designers every two months. And there's much more to discover.

"We're incredibly proud that we've been able to attract so much top talent from the creative industry," says Thomas Zwart, managing director at Capital C. "When you give artists and designers free rein, that's when you come up with surprisingly innovative ideas. That is exactly what we want to represent at Capital C." Local food 3.0 Food, drink, music, art, events, staff, and visitors are all ingredients that make a visit to Capital Kitchen a special experience. Creative chef Dave Wijnschenk works with the best regional suppliers to transform local ingredients into surprising, colourful creations like homemade filet americain from double-purpose Beemster cows (with fried capers, chives and croutons made from As Bakery sourdough).

And then there's roasted cauliflower from West Friesland with a creamy cauliflower cream (with miso and shallots). Also on the seasonal menu: crowd pleasers such as fish & chips (with North Sea cod), beef stew using local Ouderkerks Blond beef, and bisque packed with Dutch shrimp, Zeeland mussels, razor clams, and with potatoes and carrots from the latest local harvest. Chef Wijnschenk: "At Capital Kitchen, we try to go the extra mile with local and sustainable food. Our goal is to make low-carbon food, so we use as many local ingredients as possible. You'll be amazed to discover what great produce the Amsterdam region has to offer."

Harold Hamersma and Ronald Giphart The bar and drinks are at the heart of this brand new location. Capital Kitchen has done away with the traditional wine list in favour of a versatile drinks menu featuring special teas, kefir, hard seltzers, and kombucha, with a special focus on wine and beer. Wine publicist Harold Hamersma has been brought in as wine advisor. He's selected top-tier Dutch wines as well as German, French, and even Luxembourgish and Belgian wines, all within 600 kilometres of Capital Kitchen (you won't find any new world wines here). Beer lover and writer Ronald Giphart developed the beer menu, that’s chock full of surprising names and styles.

Cocktails by Johanna Finnish cocktail specialist Johanna Jalonen was brought in to manage cocktails. She knows her classics, but she loves taking things a step further with her cocktails. She's mastered the essence of cocktail shaking - balance and attention, with the perfect combination of sweet, sour, bitter, alcohol, and flavour ombinations. Of course there's plenty of space on the menu for liqueurs from local distilleries.

Music by Michiel Borstlap The devil is in the details. So we've joined forces with a creative high-flyer for the music, as well. Award-winning Dutch jazz musician and composer Michiel Borstlap curated the playlist. Borstlap: "It's no coincidence that we often call background music 'muzak'. Why are we forced to constantly listen to worthless music?" The right music at the right moment - afternoon, evening, and night – is part of the overall experience at Capital C.

Practical info Capital Kitchen is open for dinner from Monday to Friday. Starting in November, Capital Kitchen will also be open for lunch and drinks, and in January 2022, they will open on weekends for lunch, drinks, and dinner. Address: Weesperplein 4A, 1018 XA Amsterdam. Located on the ground floor of the Capital C building. For more info please: www.capitalkitchen.nl

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